Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 77 - The Caffeine Scare

Hello blog.

Ate nothing but candy and sugar free Red Bull today. Had 3 candy bars and 3 gigantic cans of sugar free Red Bull in a pretty short time frame between like 5am and 8am.

That's what the face of evil looks like.

462mg of caffeine, and I actually have a history of extreme sensitivity to caffeine. I don't know what I was thinking.

I was having all the symptoms of caffeine intoxication. The worst ones were the dizziness, paranoia and trouble breathing. It was like I couldn't get enough air and was feeling like I was gonna pass out and I was seriously thinking about calling an ambulance (not kidding).

I don't know what made me think caffeine was a good idea. As a teenager I'd have the same episodes with caffeine, sometimes even worse where I'd end up with night terrors and feelings of impending doom etc.

I have to have some kind of caffeine allergy. That or my mind just reacts adversely to it, or I'm extremely sensitive to it, or something. I think most people could drink 6 Red Bulls in a row without feeling like they were going to die and wanting to call an ambulance, but not me apparently.

I went to a 7th Day Adventist private school when I was around 13, none of the practicing 7th Days were allowed to consume any caffeine at all. And they're some of the longest lived people on the planet.

Like 800 calories. When the symptoms were at their worst I took a fish oil supplement and a multivitamin thinking that might help. With the stomach ache and everything I just wasn't hungry after that.

February was one of my best months ever in terms of work and that's really got me motivated for March. March starts on Monday and is a 31-day month, and right now I'm thinking about scheduling myself 372 hours (12/day) which would be the biggest workload I've ever taken on.

My lifestyle during that stretch would be intensely miserable but the feelings of accomplishment would be unlike any I've ever felt before. I can't see any reason why I can't do it. And now would be the time since there's no major holidays or birthdays in March.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Please reply to this. Did you read my comment before drinking all of that?? And what's with the candy bars dude? Then you're gonna work yourself to death. Ahhh! What's gonna get through to you Eric? I'm starting to wonder if a good ambulance ride is what you need to understand the seriousness of what you're doing to yourself. Seriously, are you jerking our chains here? B/c honestly, people have really put out some good ignore like 85% of them. What's the point of having people read what you're doing if you just don't really care about their opinions on it? I'm just having a hard time understanding what it is that you hope to gain out of blogging this "journey" you're on or whatever the hell you call it. You have so many people from different walks of life and different points of the weightloss journey right at your fingertips wanting to support and care for you...but, you've gotta give a d*mn first. I really hope you don't end up with loads of health problems and loads of extra weight like me. Don't say you weren't forewarned.