Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 50 - The Double

Hello blog.

This was the last day of January, and it's officially February.

Happy February, everyone.

It was a very rare day off for me so I didn't want to worry much about what I was eating honestly.

I ate I think 4 of the Kind Apricot & Almond bars throughout the day. This is what I always worry about when keeping food around the apartment. It's so much easier to not eat food if it's at a great distance.

Other than that I had a double burger with fries from Wendy's, and later an ice cream cone from McDonald's.

Mmmm. Doesn't that look appetizing.

It was pretty much joyless for me, and I didn't finish the burger or the fries.

Total calories for the day were about 2,000 according to labels. More if the labels are lying, and less if you consider the fact that I didn't finish anything.

At the time I'm writing this it's the first of February and I'm starting my green tea and super c fast. About to shower and get busy with work from about 9am to about 10pm.

I actually think I have therapy at 3pm so that'll be a nice little break from work.

After the fast (which will last 1 or 2 days) I'll be back to my grilled chicken and salads and stuff.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Well- it's good to see you're not bingeing like you had been. And it's obivious that you're scale is slowly going down. Good luck!

  2. It's great to see your tastes changing to where you are no longer enjoying the fast food.

  3. Eric,

    While I'd like to be encouraging, as a former binger and current food addict, I am deeply concerned that you've eaten 6 Kind bars over the last couple of days and there is zero room for your Wendy's lunch no matter what kind of a day off you are taking.

    In general, I like to post only encouraging things and yes you likely are still doing way better than where you started, but I think you need to stop and take a more honest accounting of your methods and if you really believe this will lead to a longer term positive result.

    I see the signs...I have been there. I have done that and you are showing some behaviors which I believe you really are trying to get away from.

    I'm still a fan and really want to see you succeed.

  4. Keep the faith Eric.

    Hey have you ever considered getting a lapband? I have had one for 5 months and it is the best thing I ever did. NO WAY could you eat that burger with a band!

    Good luck with your fast.