Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 62 - The Pear

Hello blog.

Today went a little better than yesterday I think. But just a little. I had a pear.

Mmm, pear. I cut this one up into wedges so I didn't feel so much like a 5th century villager this time.

I also had a small handful (less than a quarter cup I think) of raw spanish peanuts, and a serving of lowfat cottage cheese with a bit of salt and pepper. Oh and a dill pickle spear.

I actually forgot to mention these chili and lime seasoned pistachios that I had yesterday. I had some of those again today as a brunch-type morning snack while I was getting set up for work.

Lunch was Chinese food. I had some broccoli beef, some kung pao chicken, and too much chow mein. I was originally going to get orange chicken instead of the broccoli beef, along with some cream cheese rangoons, but those are both deep fried. I actually found myself thinking about this blog at the menu, and thinking I'd much rather come back here with a story about broccoli beef than have to come back here and confess to deep fried chicken and cream cheese rangoons.

This must be how married men feel when their wives are getting on them about their cholesterol.

It feels kinda good.

Finished the day with a small caesar salad. I had it with croutons, which now that I think about it might actually be deep fried. Oh well.

Tomorrow I'm having kiwi.

Until then,


  1. Hey :o)
    I can't see on your blog anywhere how big you are. If you are the fattest person ever, that must make you around 900lbs? Surely you jest!

    It's funny how we think about our blogs when we choose foods. I do that too coz i list everything i eat on my blog each day.

    Broccoli beef sounds yummy

  2. Beef and broccoli is a good choice when hitting the buffet. :) It sounds like you did really well. Watch out for how much Kung Pao you have though b/c the sauce has High Fructose Corn Syrup and can actually make you crave more food. Any time I have something with HFC, it sends me into ravenous hunger and I want to eat everything around me. Some of us are more sensative to it than others. Soon, I'm going to do a post about different chemicals in foods. I'll let you know when I do so that way you can find out about them without doing lots of research. I think it's wonderful that you think about your blog when your eating. I'm learning myself how great a tool it can's a great support system. Who knew strangers could care so much right? :) Keep up the good work.

  3. I don't do buffets anymore. I don't do Chinese unless it is at a restaurant that offers some steamed food options. The one near us has steamed options and brown rice. I love it.

    Americanized Chinese food has been demonstrated to be quite unhealthy despite the appearance of vegetables and proteins.

    Good job on the fruit, nuts, and cottage cheese!

  4. I love Chinese food but I have a real problem with portion control. I live alone and I'm always inclined to eat most of the container of whatever I have. But it sounds like you're able to eat some without going nuts.

  5. Kiwis are delicious! As are pears. Did you have a Bosc pear like the one in the picture, because those are the best! And even though Chinese food isn't a very healthy choice, you did do good with picking the lesser of two evils. :D

  6. I think the best part is that you have a voice inside your head now talking about food and you are listening to it!