Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 75 - The Caesar Bowl

Hello blog.

So I scrapped that idea for now, and ate twice today. First was one of these:

With a lot of creamy cilantro dressing.

Later was a pretty big chicken burrito with plain corn chips.

I can feel myself getting pretty impatient with this lately.

Not sure what I'm gonna do about that. Something.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Its good to know you actually do read the comments we leave :)

    Of course you're getting impatient - you're not as focused as you were a few weeks ago, you're not doing the good things for your body that you were a few weeks some of your posts from then, you were proud of yourself for the small changes you were making - that's the feeling you need to regain and tap into again to get un-impatient.

  2. I agree with Enz. It's a long road, yeah, but it also took us a long time to get where we are today. It'll take time to get straightened just does. If you can embrace the process and understand that it is a "life" journey, then the process won't seem so tedious. It's about small changes over time. It doesn't look like you did too bad yesterday. That's good "Eric". lol :oP

  3. Eric,

    I've been lurking lately and you know how supportive I've been in the past and I want to stay supportive. However, the only way I can think of supporting you is by brining on the tough love; I see no other way.

    Eating is not a fucking hobby; we should enjoy it, but it is something we need to keep us from fainting.

    You need to do two big things...come up with another activity that brings you more joy (instead of slow suicide) and change your perception of food.

    You are hurting yourself...plain and simple. Sure, be a workaholic if you must to pay the rent, but you need a serious redirection of your priorities unless one of them is ending up in the hospital or worse.

    I've offered several times before that you can call me if you'd like. We are more alike than you think. You can e-mail me privately if you want to connect.

  4. What are you doing by way of exercise, Eric? I was losing slowly in the beginning, thinking that changing my eating habits should be enough, but tis not the case. I bumped up my exercise and should be down three pounds by my weigh in tomorrow.

  5. How long did it take you to gain those extra 100 pounds that you don't need? I'm sure it wasn't a couple months. So, it's going to take longer than a couple months to get them off. If you were exercising it would go a bit quicker though.