Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 70 - The Birthday Party

Hello blog.

Today was somebody's birthday, so went off my diet. Basically ate a whole lot of chicken wings, drank a few beers, and ate a bunch of pizza. And a slice of cake.

Not even going to try to estimate calories.

Rushing right now. Hope you guys had a great weekend.

Until tomorrow,


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  2. There is something every day that makes a diet difficult to follow. You either are going to do this or you aren't. Since you are as food addicted as I am, it is a daily struggle to eat correctly and exercise. Nothing comes easy or natural. It was my wife's birthday last night...we went out to Mexican. I had no chips/salsa. I asked for the whole beans instead of refrieds. I had Chicken Fajitas, but didn't eat the tortillas, only the mexican rice as a better carb, etc. Only a couple bites of wife's dessert.

    When you are addicted, anything becomes an excuse or rational to deviate.

    You recognize your is time to treat it like it is one.

  3. Birthday parties are tough. Actually, I find all social occasions difficult when it comes to controlling my eating. But I've started to bring or serve foods that I can eat without going overboard. A fruit or vegetable tray. Or salad of some kind. It really helps when I can do that - makes me feel in control. - Sue

  4. This is why diets do not work. Diets totally suck and actually make some of us gain weight. I do not diet anymore. I just eat half of what I used to eat and exercise a whole bunch more.