Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 61 - The Plum

Hello blog.

The first day of eating grocery store food went a little shaky. After a week of eating crap I'm actually feeling some withdrawals at this point. I gave in and had a chicken burrito and a steak taco, honestly because I knew I had that excuse. Fat guy logic.

So then I got home with my groceries, and I took them out of the bags, and used my fridge for something other than drinks and condiments for a change.

My kitchen always reminds me of that movie Fight Club. "A house full of condiments and no food. How embarrassing."

The rest of the day went pretty well. I had a quarter cup of raw spanish peanuts (they're not technically raw because it'd be illegal for them to sell it that way, they've been heat treated). I had a plum.

There's a plum. Just a raw plum. I felt like a 5th century villager or something.

And I also had yogurt. Too much yogurt honestly. I love yogurt, I should probably go with cottage cheese instead that way I'm not tempted by yogurt all day. And dinner was a salad with grilled chicken (precooked) and fresh grated parmesan cheese.

So that's my first time eating groceries in a very long time. I guess my goal for tomorrow will be to go sans burrito.

So to recap, here are the rules I followed:

-Eat a fruit
-Eat a salad
-Avoid all deep fried food

And the rules I broke:

-Eat less than 1400 calories
-Avoid everything that doesn't look like a plant or an animal (flour tortilla)

We'll see how I do tomorrow.

Until then,


  1. Actually, I don't think that the flour tortilla is all that bad to have, it would just be the size/quantity to be worried about.

    The days will get better.

  2. Just curious, why is your calorie limit 1400? Have you calculated that you burn way less than that or something? B/c, if that's not the case and you think having that amount of calories is just what you're supposed to do, I'd up it a little and just concentrate on eating clean and eating whole foods. Ok, so you could still have a burrito, but you just have to make it healthy. Get a can of refried beans, shredded cheese, salsa, a little dollop of reduced fat sour cream. Get some whole wheat flour tortillas (Mission makes a good one). That burrito would take 5 minutes tops for you to make and you would not believe how satisfied and how healthy you'd be eating. Granted it has carbs...but it would have tons of fiber, it'd be lower in fat (just don't PILE the cheese), and it would still be a way you can have "fun" food. I promise you don't have to give up the things you like to get just have to learn how to make them healthier and learn how to order takeout healthier. Like, if you eat a couple bowls of brothy soup before eating your main food, opt for spring rolls instead of eggrolls, and get stirfry that has vegetables. It really looks like you are on the right track, but make sure you don't burn yourself out on the "diet" mentality or it will be easier to turn back to bingeing. Although, if you start eating more whole foods and stay away from chemicals/preservatives (high fructose corn syrup especially), you'll find yourself wanting to binge less and less. (I say this as someone who has had to learn this...and I'm still learning it) It' so good you went to the grocery store...keep up the good work. You're gonna make it. :)

  3. "I felt like a 5th century villager or something."

    LOL! It is odd how we're so used to seeing everything processed in some form nowadays. And I wouldn't beat yourself up over today. You are making progress and wanting to get healthier, so that's great.