Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 69 - The Whitest Boy Alive

Hello blog.

Went to Starbucks and got a slice of banana walnut bread with a tall (small) cappuccino. Took some milk chocolate covered graham crackers with me because they're just too delicious. They do something to that milk chocolate, I'm not sure what, but I think it's the best milk chocolate in the world.

Here's a YouTube of a song I like because I don't have a picture of food:

For some reason I seem to like things not many other people like.

Anyway, later had a crispy chicken sandwich and then a chicken quesadilla with guacamole. About 1600 - 1800 calories on the day.

The day after this one (which is actually today since I always blog about the previous day) is somebody's birthday, which I went off my diet for.

I'm actually really looking forward to waking up tomorrow.

Until then,

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