Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 63 - The Kiwifruit

Hello blog.

Today wasn't good. I hate holidays and how perfectly they work as a convenient excuse for me to eat poorly.

I had 2 kiwifruits in the morning.

Along with some cottage cheese and raw spanish peanuts. Fruit, raw nuts and cottage cheese work really well for me, because I don't ever really crave any of those things. They're safe foods to keep around the house because I know I won't binge on them no matter how hungry I get.

It fell off the rails from there. I had a quarter pounder and a small fry. Then later I had a corn dog. Then later I had a roast beef sandwich. A little under 2,000 calories total, I think. Or a little over. Thereabouts.

The quarter pounder was a direct result of a trailer for From Paris With Love. In it, John Travolta talks about a "royale with cheese", which is what his character in Pulp Fiction (one of my all-time favorites) ordered from McDonald's in France. They call it a royale because no one over there understands the metric system.

Product placements and advertising for shitty food, it really owns me.

That and I've just been feeling really abnormally miserable lately. I'm just miserable all the time and the only thing that will improve my mood is really terribly shitty food.

I always cover the previous day with these blog entries. At the time I'm writing this one, Saint Valentine's Day has already passed, and in terms of food it was a little worse than this one. So be prepared for that.

I really enjoyed the kiwifruit. And I just learned it's an excellent source of Vitamin K.

I bought some organic bananas and fresh mango. Gonna keep trying new fruits.

I'm really disappointed in myself.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Mangos are a pain in the butt to work with, but quite tasty, so good luck with that.

  2. Eric - do not be disappointed in yourself. You slipped up one day. It's totally okay. Life happens.

    You've made tremendous strides in what you're eating these days. Real food! Fruit! Cottage cheese! Can you tell I'm excited for you? :)

    Don't let the stupid VD holiday get you down. It's just another commmericalized made-up day by the candy people, the card people and the florists, it really means nothing except more money in their pockets (and less in ours).

    Keep up the good work...and I mean it. :)

  3. Hi! Just found your blog.
    We all have down days. Just think about all the effort you put in to define all the food you ate. You know exactly how much it is worth. This demonstrates that you know what to do. May today be a better day!


  4. Although not a great day, this day is much better than days you've posted about in the past weeks and I am sure better than days before you started trying to lose weight. Wishing you a better today!


  5. I know this is the minority view...but it seems like you were doing pretty well with your plan before - eating what you want to eat, but much smaller portions.

    In my opinion -- and the opinion of virtually all experts who work with binge eaters -- it is not a good idea to go on a strict diet that eliminates an entire universe of foods, because you are just setting yourself up for a binge. Look at your weight chart. What happened when you started the strict no processed foods thing?

    You probably get sick of everyone giving you advice. So I'm sorry, but here's my 2cents. Go back to what you were doing - smaller portions of whatever you are hungry for. Add in some extra fruits and veggies and whole grains when you can. Have a salad with your burger. That sort of thing.

    Dieting never worked for me. Once I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted to eat, the "bad" foods lost their allure, and I gradually, naturally, moved on to a healthier diet.

    Also, get your doc to prescribe some (or some more) anti-depressants! "Abnormally miserable" is not a normal state of existence, and you deserve to feel better without binging.

    Best to you.