Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 96 - The Petite Vanilla Bean

Hello blog.

Haven't gone back to the store yet but I'm actually planning to this weekend. Until then it might be restaurant food.

I had a petite vanilla bean scone, a tall skinny vanilla latte, a turkey sandwich on wheat no cheese, a slice of lasagna and two breadsticks.

Those are the petite vanilla bean scones. That was seriously one of the best-tasting things I've ever had, and they're pretty small. I went with petite and skinny, it's all still terrible though...

I think my calories were around 2,000 or a little less again, but I don't have info on the lasagna or breadsticks or sandwich. Might've been over.

I really sense that my motivation for this whole mission of mine here is going to really pick back up again within a few days and I'm gonna start putting together those steady declines again.

I'm planning to move toward the end of the summer. How perfect it'd be to drop some more weight before then.

Until tomorrow,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days 94-95

Hello blog.

For Day 94:

-3 Kind Bars
-2 Peach Yogurts
-Handful of raw spanish peanuts
-About 20 blue corn tortilla chips with mango salsa
-Finished off the raw spinach with some blue corn tortilla chips
-Finished off the berries
-1 bowl of Ramen noodles

For Day 95:

-4 Kind bars
-2 Peach Yogurts
-2 bowls of Ramen noodles
-2 Japanese ice pops
-1 Newcastle brown ale

Very snacky these past few days, and too much food for Day 95. I think I went over 2,000. But none of this was restaurant food, which is new to me. I find I have a lot more free time. I only realize that free time if I shop less and don't cook much, though.

I'm all out of Kind bars. Also out of produce, though. This gives me a unique opportunity to start putting a dent into the instant noodle population around here.

Clearly the human body was never intended to digest instant Ramen noodles, though. That much is extremely obvious. I'm debating just throwing most of it away.

That doesn't leave me with much though. I think I already commented that my kitchen is extremely empty all the time like Jack in Fight Club. Basically it's just alcohol I don't drink and condiments I don't use.

So tired.

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 93 - The Google

Hello blog.

Been very busy with work and reading. I've also been putting together an investment portfolio which has been some of the most fun I've ever had. Researching all these businesses has exposed me to so much information I would've never bothered to look for otherwise. I now know what potash is, for example.

My first purchase was Google stock. It's weird to think I own a tiny piece of Google, and even weirder to think that every time I click on a Google ad now I'm increasing the value of my own shares by some trillionth of a penny.

Anyway, food. I ate food today. Real actual food.

I'm not sure if these things actually count as whole foods even though they came from a whole foods store, but I got blue corn tortilla chips, mango salsa, and some of the infamous Kind bars. Also got some yogurt but I haven't eaten any of that yet.

I had 2 Kind bars, and probably about 20 chips with salsa. Other than that I snacked on blueberries, strawberries, had a mixed green salad with feta and balsamic dressing, and for dinner I pan-fried a fillet of salmon in olive oil, then cooked spinach in the oil that was leftover in the pan.

I really have no idea how many calories I had because I wasn't measuring the oil or the dressing, and didn't weigh the salmon or the berries. Other than the time spent shopping and cooking (which in my mind I'm always thinking could've been time spent working), this is another thing I don't like about eating healthy food. The measuring to know how many calories I had.

Which is an absurd complaint to have, I know. As if it's better to know I had 420 calories of a double cheeseburger than to eat an unknown quantity of berries. But the uncertainty still bugs me a little.

Still, it was a great feeling to know I had done something very healthy for myself. And it was very satisfying to eat something I cooked for myself, like I knew it would be.

If I had to guess I'd say I was below 1600.

Until tomorrow,

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 92

Hello blog.

Like I said, this day was extremely similar to the previous. I managed to avoid the bite of corn tortilla though, and late at night I actually ended up eating a few sticks of chocolate pocky (probably like 80 - 100 calories worth) and 1 Hi-Chew (japanese fruit candy, 20 calories) and an ice pop (40 calories).

Because of that I think I actually went slightly above 1400, but not by much.

Until tomorrow,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 91

Hello blog.

Ate just once today. A lot of grilled chicken, rice, beans, salsa and guacamole. Definitely below 1400 for the day but still a lot for one meal. I don't think guacamole was allowed per my rules, and I also took 1 bite of a corn tortilla before I remembered that I couldn't have it.

Was in a hurry in the morning so updating this at night. I've just bought "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham which I'm reading for the first time ever, so I might be up all night with that... so the update on Day 92 (which was today) might be coming up in just a few hours!

(Spoilers) It was almost exactly the same as today.

I think I remember saying something about planning for Day 93 when I updated for Day 91, so I guess I'll do some more planning right now. For Day 93 I'll take Kim's suggestion and grab some groceries from a whole foods store (Henry's). I won't eat anything but whole foods and won't eat any restaurant food.

And for Days 94-96 I won't eat restaurant food, and will only eat food I have available here at home. No promises on the quality though... but I'm sure I'll have some leftover groceries from Day 93. But I also have a lot of instant noodles, canned beans and rice and condiments and oatmeal around.

I actually ordered some chocolate pralines (what we call truffles they call pralines) from Belgium off Amazon along with this book I'm reading. They should get here around Wednesday. Was planning to eat like 1 - 3 a day. For fun.

Will keep it below 1600 from 93 to 96.

Until tomorrow,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 90 - The Sparklehorse

Hello blog.

I had 2 chocolate covered graham crackers with a skinny vanilla latte, a crispy chicken sandwich with a small fry, and a plate of chinese food including orange chicken, broccoli beef, crab rangoon and a small amount of both chow mein and steamed rice.

I didn't write it down so I don't recall the exact number, but I totaled it all up yesterday and it came out to slightly above 2500. So I went slightly over my plan, but I'm not stressing about it. I'll try to make up for it by coming in under for Days 91 and 92.

I just found out yesterday that one of my favorite musicians, Mark Linkous, committed suicide a week ago. He led Sparklehorse, which used to open for Radiohead.

Oh well.

Until tomorrow,

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 89

Hello blog.

Today I had 3 crunchy tacos, half of a bean burrito, 10 chicken nuggets with sweet chili sauce, and a small fry.

A bit under 1800, and I drank plenty of water.

Someone's visiting on Day 90, so I think I'll go up to 2500 then. On Days 91 and 92, I'll keep it below 1400 and eat only grilled chicken, beans, rice, and vegetables.

And I'll plan for Day 93 on Day 91!

I welcome any suggestions for rules I should plan for myself to follow on Day 93.

Until tomorrow,