Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 81 - The Food

Hello blog.

Had a breakfast sandwich, half a burger, a side of macaroni, a short vanilla latte, a mexican dish with tacos/beans/rice, 2 donuts, a cup of milk, and an oreo cookie shake.

About 4,000.

I keep telling myself I'm going to stop and then not stopping. I don't know how to.

At least work's going well.

Until tomorrow,


  1. You just have to do it. Just one time, you will feel so empowered and strong. For sure, this isn't easy, but you can do it, you WERE doing it.

  2. Its hard to stop, but when I want bad stuff.. I ask myself "Am I really hungry?" If my stomach replies yes, I head for the healthiest food/restaurant. Do you like Subway? Thats a great place to eat on the go...

  3. I agree with WERE doing it. How did you stop when you were doing good? You started bringing food home from the grocery store. Do it again and don't go anywhere NEAR restaurants. Restaurants are your downfall. Get some frozen dinners, get some of those Healthy choice meals that don't have to be frozen in the soup isle....these would be better than what you're doing right now. You CAN do this. Are you telling your psychologist everything you put on this blog? If not, I think you should so he can help you more. Just don't give can do this. Ok?

  4. I don't subscribe to a true and unconscious lack of self control.

    It may be momentary and fleeting, but with every choice, you had a chance to choose better.

    It isn't some mysterious mental illness. I'm addicted and I know it. Just like millions of other addicts who have overcome their demons, you can too if you want to.

    Don't get attracted to the drama of addiction either. We are here for you, but we aren't going to give unlimited support if you are really getting addicted to the attention we provide regardless of the outcome.