Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 86 - The Caloric Deficit

Hello blog.

Ate badly today, BUT! I had a reasonable amount of calories. About 1850.

Had a burrito with chicken beans rice and salsa, then a burger, then another burger with a small fry and diet coke.

It's Tuesday morning right now, and I definitely don't feel like I'm going to exceed 2,000 calories today. So things are looking better for the moment.

I've been drinking a ton of water lately. Or by lately I guess I mean yesterday and this morning.

I can't leave my desk very often during the day so I've just been refilling 4 Solo cups with water instead of the usual 1. Looks a little silly but it gets me drinking more.

Most of the calories we expend (and basically all of the calories I personally expend) are used simply to keep our body temperature up. So it's a fact that ice water actually has a very slightly negative calorie balance. And I guess it keeps the stomach full. And it just feels good to be completely hydrated all the time, too.

So that's my focus for day 87. Stay below 2,000 and drink a ton of water.

Until tomorrow,


  1. There is no freaking way that you had only that many calories...sorry...I am a pro at calorie counting and I eat so much cleaner than you and can't see where a couple burgers, fries, and burrito with rice/beans is anywhere near your numbers.

    Good job on the water, but that is an overrated element in losing weight. Good yes, but not nearly as important as eating less and moving more.

    You got some serious choices to make in your work/life balance. You've got to want to live, though Eric...no other choice in the matter. Once you choose life, perhaps you'll truly make better choices.

    Choose life Eric..please!

  2. Hi Eric,

    How do you actually count your calories? Where do you get your values from? Have you considered using a website like sparkpeople? They have most fast food restaurants in their database. I've been thinking for a few weeks that your calorie count is off. Please consider it..and I hope you do choose life.

  3. The chicken beans rice and salsa were the contents of the burrito.

  4. That's totally believable, actually. I have a huge craving for some McD's (Eww, right? What's wrong with me?) and I'm going to have a small fry, 4 chicken nuggets & an ice cream cone for 570 calories.
    Good job, keep the portion sizes in the back of your mind.

  5. Actually, if you had a Chicken burrito from El Pollo Loco w/ beans, rice, and salsa (left off the cheese), had 2 Quarter Pounders w/cheese, small fry from McD's, and a diet coke....then that is about accurate IF you believe what the restaurants tell you and IF you actually left off the cheese, guacamole, sour cream and such.
    Calorie counting is a useful tool, but if you use it as a crutch to say "Hey, I only took in 1800 calories", but you use those calories on food that is going to hurt you, then it cancels out the purpose of using that tool anyway. I watched that documentary about the guy who survived on nothing but McDonald's for a lengthy time. It was such a short time before he started having health issues. It's very interesting...maybe you can watch it sometime. Anyway, the point is that you can watch your portions and calories, but nothing makes up for the nasty chemicals and grease that are in the calories you consume. It will mess up your body's ability to function the proper way and eventually it will mess up your body's ability to lose weight (look up insulin resistance aka metabolic syndrome...I have it and take meds). Why not try eating whole foods and not counting calories for a little while and just see what happens? You'll probably feel better than you ever have and eating whole food doesn't mean you can't have treats. You just have to look for the right products. I know you really like numbers, but are the numbers helping you or keeping you from looking at what you really need to see about your eating habits? Why not just try a new approach for one week? Just one week....and if you don't like it, then go back to whatever. I dare you. :)

  6. as everyone else has said it's extremely important to understand where your calories are coming from. not all calories are created equal... you can waste 9 calories on a gram of fat (and all that fast food is laden with fat!). why not try counting how much of the good stuff you're getting in by counting how many grams of proteins, whole grains, etc? If you log your intake of these things you can see what you need to be getting more of in order to balance your diet.

  7. Actually, I think Emily's idea is the best one yet. You like numbers so much it seems. Why not start counting what she suggested? Actually, I think logging the good and the bad would be beneficial. You would be seeing how much fat, how much sodium, how much cholesterol, sugar...whatever is in your food. I think these numbers would be good ones for you to see along with the good ones like fiber, whole grains, vitamins and such. It would help you find balance...like she said. I mean, you might not necessarily count all of that, but those are just examples.

  8. Also another idea for you-- I know you love your tech gadgets and what not. I'm not sure if you have an iPhone or not but I recently downloaded the sparkpeople app and it's great. as enz said earlier they have most of the fast food restaurant's info as well as other major products from grocers and other manufacturers. the program shows total calories as well as other essentials like vitamins, etc. it would making your logging quite easy and make you accountable for your eating. if you ever find the motivation to exercise you can use the same program to log your exercise and it will give weekly totals of calories burned, time, etc. the best part... it's free :)