Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 80 - The Food

Hello blog.

Had a breakfast burrito, a chicken sandwich, a chocolate frappuccino, a blueberry muffin, a hotdog, a handful of trail mix, and some bbq ribs with potato chips.

About 3800 on the day.

I woke up and my monitor was dead. I went to a net cafe to kill 2 hours researching monitors until Best Buy opened. They didn't have the monitor I wanted, but pointed me to a store that did in San Bernardino, which is probably the roughest area of the Inland Empire where I live.

While driving out there I was pulled over by two motorcycle cops for not wearing a seatbelt. They didn't flash their lights, they just yelled over their speaker telling me to pull over, which I didn't hear because I had the radio on. They eventually got my attention by riding up to my driver's side window.

When I finally pulled over the cop came up to the window yelling at me like I was refusing to pull over, which I found completely ridiculous so I was arguing with him and he was flipping out.

There should be some minimum standard of what police have to do before you're required to pull over, and I think that should be flashing lights, because pulling people over by yelling at their car isn't very effective. He might as well have been trying to pull me over telepathically.

So he got my information and walked away. He finally calmed down, came back, apologized for freaking out, explained that he has to be rough because there are so many drug dealers and violent offenders in San Bernardino, then he gave me a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.

I then drove around in circles in the shittiest city in the entire country because the roads don't make any logical sense down there. I was lost for hours trying to find this Best Buy.

I finally did and I bought the monitor and drove home, and that was my entire day.

I'm really happy with the monitor at least.

Until tomorrow,


  1. All I'm going to say is, that if you truly want to lose weight, you're going to have put in an effort every day. This is a lifelong journey, it never ends.


  2. Look at your graph Eric, you had lost 30lbs. Now it's going back up...why do you want it to go back up? Think about how you were feeling when you had good days. Think about how positive you were. Does it feel better living this way or did it feel better when you were making positive changes? The food may taste good, but is it satisfying the goal you had for yourself? Make a list of the positive things that junk food is doing for you...then the negative. You don't have to gain all the weight back. Don't punish deserve better.

  3. Eric.. first, arguing with a cop is not a good idea.

    Second if you don't know what your BMR is google BMR Calcuator and figure it out. This is the calories your body burns each day based on our size and age. Then subtract 800-1000 calories from your BMR. What you come up with is what you should take in each day. When you burn 3500 calories you will lose a pound.. very simple.

    My BMR is 3200, I try to eat 2000 calories a day so I should burn the extra 1200. That means every 3 days I should burn 3600 calories (approximately a pound). Exercise increases this of course.

    Stick with the numbers and you will lose the weight you want to.

    Best of Luck.


  4. So, is this still a weight loss blog? I understand that weight loss bloggers go through rough times, even times where they gain weight back, but they generally talk about what happened, why it happened, what they're doing to change it... I just think it might help if you did some of that.

  5. Yes, I agree with screwdestiny.