Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 96 - The Petite Vanilla Bean

Hello blog.

Haven't gone back to the store yet but I'm actually planning to this weekend. Until then it might be restaurant food.

I had a petite vanilla bean scone, a tall skinny vanilla latte, a turkey sandwich on wheat no cheese, a slice of lasagna and two breadsticks.

Those are the petite vanilla bean scones. That was seriously one of the best-tasting things I've ever had, and they're pretty small. I went with petite and skinny, it's all still terrible though...

I think my calories were around 2,000 or a little less again, but I don't have info on the lasagna or breadsticks or sandwich. Might've been over.

I really sense that my motivation for this whole mission of mine here is going to really pick back up again within a few days and I'm gonna start putting together those steady declines again.

I'm planning to move toward the end of the summer. How perfect it'd be to drop some more weight before then.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Get to the store. Make it a priority. You can do this!! Have a rockin' weekend!


  2. I wrote a comment, but I forgot that I have to click post like 3 times on here for it to go I'll try again. lol
    I think it's great that you are acknowledging what's healthy and not healthy. I also think it's great to see you showing some motivation...I almost hear a hint of self-worth in your writing. ;) I know you can be successful...we're all capable of anything we put our minds to. It's good that you are going shopping again...let me know what good stuff you find. :) I'm actually going to post some things I found on my grocery trip here soon. I'm a little behind on blogging. Have a great weekend.

  3. Yum that scone looks awesome!

    Have you thought about picking up some semi-healthy frozen dinners, like the Kashi ones? They can be really filling, and are cheaper and healthier than restaurant food. Try one of the Mexican ones! Add some lettuce, tomato, low fat sour cream, avocado....Tasty!

  4. Hey where did you go? You ok? I miss your daily posts!

  5. Hi. Still alive.

    I've filled my kitchen with frozen vegetables, canned tuna, frozen Kashi meals, raw peanuts, raw walnuts, raw chicken breast, and natural applesauce. And Kind bars.

    My goal this week is to eat entirely out of my own kitchen.

    And for some reason I'm incredibly depressed. I don't even know why anymore. Not sobbing depressed, just numb unmotivated disengaged kind of depressed.

    I can't figure out what's making everybody in the world so happy.

    I decided I need a week away from obligation. So in all likelihood I won't resume daily posts/graphs until Monday March 29th.

  6. Oh Eric, I'm so proud of you for bringing healthy food into your home. I'm also soooo sorry that you are feeling depressed. I don't know for sure if this is what you are going through, but I'll tell you what I felt for a long time when I'd start trying to change my bingeing habit.
    I have a family. I have 2 beautiful babies, a sweet husband, and very supportive extended family. I have a roof over my head. I get to stay home w/ my kids, so my job is pretty rewarding. Yet, so many times in my life I have felt dissatisfied. There are things in my life I have control over and some that I have no control over. The times that have been particularly rough, were times when I felt I didn't have anyone to confide in or anyone who could understand what I was going through. favorite foods were there for me. They comforted me, they didn't talk back, they didn't require me to change and oh how sad I'd get when I'd try to say goodbye to them when trying to lose weight. I literally felt loss...grief b/c I felt like my security, my "turn to" was going away....and how would I cope w/o it? Even if I felt good about the changes I was making, it still tore me up that I couldn't have what I truly desired and that was more comfort food. (Eventually I learned I can still have food I like...just had to learn how to make it healthier) Lack of intimacy, lack of strong bonds w/ people, lack of self worth, lack of knowing who I was, and family/marriage problems kept me in a cycle of turning back to food (and other things) b/c I didn't know how to pursue those needs...but I knew I could eat my way to feeling better at least temporarily. Are you feeling any of this at the moment? I know I could be wrong. There have also been times when I've been numb...completely numb and I felt like I had to have something...anything..that would make me feel. Being stuck is so hard. I won't lie...I still go through it time to time...I think everyone does. I think if you need a week away from obligation, then you do what you feel will help you. Just make sure it's not anything that will harm you. Take care and hope to hear from you soon enough. :)

  7. Oh, and Gen I like your idea w/ the Kashi meals. I never thought to add stuff to them...sounds yummy. :)

  8. Hi Eric,

    Ditto what Kim said (she and I think alot alike!) are not alone and you are not the only person struggling.


  9. Hey, I hope you are ok. When are you coming back??

  10. Still checking in on's been a week. Just let us know you are ok. :)

  11. Wow, I hope everything's ok. Let us hear.

  12. What's going on with you? Please let us know that you are ok.

  13. Ok, will you please give us a "still alive" at least? At this point I'm more than concerned. If you fell of the wagon, it'll be ok...just come back.