Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 83 - The Still Too Much Food

Hello blog.

Had 1 enchilada, half a serving of beans, half a serving of rice, a roast beef sandwich, most of a burger, a small fry and some macaroni.

About 2700.

Still fat...

Until tomorrow,


  1. Eric,

    While this is not a plan that I personally subscribe to, many have had great success limiting their sugars intake.

    Since many of the low-sugar plans desire a moderate calorie income, but don't mandate it, perhaps it'd be a bit easier to follow until you get your binging under control.

    In this way, you can eat many protein/fat based items that you enjoy as long as you are willing to give up on the refined and simple carbs.

    Meats, cheeses, low-sugar dairy, etc. all are available to you...but the bun for the burger, breading on chicken, rices, french fries, etc. are not available to you or at least would need very little on your diet.

    Can you try this approach for a little while?

  2. Ya know, it's not always's quality. If you could switch over to eating mostly whole foods, you could eat more food. You certainly wouldn't starve. You would feel so much better too. You could eat several times a day and you could still lose weight, and you wouldn't experience fast sugar drops that make you want to eat more junk. If you eat junky food, and try to restrict calories, you don't get as much bang for your buck. Doing what Kyle says is an option too, if you can cut out the refined and simple carbs...and like he said, it might also be an easier option until you get your bingeing under control. You'd also need to add in some complex carbs so your body wouldn't go into a state of ketosis. Either way though, maybe it's the whole idea of "restricting" yourself that is making things hard. If you can change your tastebuds by eating whole food or following a low-sugar plan, you will enjoy eating just as much as you do when you eat the junk.