Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days 94-95

Hello blog.

For Day 94:

-3 Kind Bars
-2 Peach Yogurts
-Handful of raw spanish peanuts
-About 20 blue corn tortilla chips with mango salsa
-Finished off the raw spinach with some blue corn tortilla chips
-Finished off the berries
-1 bowl of Ramen noodles

For Day 95:

-4 Kind bars
-2 Peach Yogurts
-2 bowls of Ramen noodles
-2 Japanese ice pops
-1 Newcastle brown ale

Very snacky these past few days, and too much food for Day 95. I think I went over 2,000. But none of this was restaurant food, which is new to me. I find I have a lot more free time. I only realize that free time if I shop less and don't cook much, though.

I'm all out of Kind bars. Also out of produce, though. This gives me a unique opportunity to start putting a dent into the instant noodle population around here.

Clearly the human body was never intended to digest instant Ramen noodles, though. That much is extremely obvious. I'm debating just throwing most of it away.

That doesn't leave me with much though. I think I already commented that my kitchen is extremely empty all the time like Jack in Fight Club. Basically it's just alcohol I don't drink and condiments I don't use.

So tired.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Throw out the Ramen! More protein will help you feel less hungry. Some of those Kind bars have virtually no protein. Try protein bars!

  2. Yeah, throw out the Ramen. Remember that MSG I was talking about in one of my comments? Ramen is full of it. I agree w/ Gen...definitely need more protein. :) If you don't have enough protein going in w/ the carbs, your blood sugar spikes fast and drops fast which makes you hungry for more carbs.
    Maybe it would be good if you bought a week's worth of food. Maybe stocking up on good whole food snacks and quick healthy meals will be the ticket for you. It cuts out a lot of time in the end. It's also quicker and easier to shop if you write down the meals you'd like to eat for dinner through the week. If you want any recipes or ideas for quick meals (quick meaning 15-30min to make), let me know. If it wasn't for feeding my family, I could easily spend less than an hour total food prepping for the day.
    I'm still so happy to see you trying another way of eating. You can do this Eric...yesterday is proof. :)

  3. Chuck the Ramen. Fill the house with the good eats and you won't eat crap. I think you just proved that!!

    Keep up the good work! I believe in you!


  4. Yeah, I'm thinkin you might be busy with work, but I think you have fell off the wagon too and you want people to think you're dead on here. Well, I don't buy it guy. I think you're still visiting blogs from time to time too. Next time say hi and don't think that everyone will eventually forget about you. It's time to jump back on the horse. Don't forget about why you started this blog in the first place...will see you back very soon I hope.

  5. Ok, I really hope you haven't given up. Trust me, you don't want to start out where I had to.

  6. So, how's this plan working out for you? Going around reading blogs but not tending to yours...wish you'd come back. It's not too late Eric. :)