Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 87

Hello blog.

I'm running out of original titles for all these posts, and running out of original pictures since it's not often I eat something new is it.

Hmm... here's some John Mayer. Who doesn't like John Mayer, right?

I was successful in doing today what I said I was going to do yesterday. I drank a ton of water and kept it below 2,000. I had a slice of lemon loaf and a short skinny vanilla latte, a bowl of jambalaya with a biscuit, a caesar salad with no meat, and a reduced fat vanilla cone.

According to internet sources, which I do check and accurately calculate every day, I had about 1500 calories. The calories on the jambalaya looked too low though so I would report it as 1500 - 1800.

Keeping track of macronutrients and below is a little too time-consuming for me, though. I like being able to keep this blog going with about 15 minutes a day so I can keep my sanity and stay productive.

It felt good setting specific goals for Day 87 on Day 86, so I'm thinking of making it a regular thing.

So, on Day 88, I'll drink a ton of water and keep it below 1900.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Hey great job on sticking to your plan :)

  2. Yeah, great job sticking to your plan.

  3. Hello Eric! I just started following your blog! Congrats on sticking to the roadmap this time. I know it's tough. Good luck on tomorrow as well.
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  4. i can understand you being super busy and not wanting to log everything (i'm a full time student and work so i know how it is). however, nothing should take precedent over your health. perhaps giving "sparkpeople" or another program that automatically tracks your macronutrients would be a wise time investment. it really shouldn't take any longer than using the internet to search for caloric content. you might be extremely surprised to see how little of certain things you are getting.

    anyhow, good job sticking to your plan. keep it up.

  5. You're my new favorite, 'cause John Mayer is my boyfriend. ;)


  6. Glad today was a good day. Keep going.