Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 93 - The Google

Hello blog.

Been very busy with work and reading. I've also been putting together an investment portfolio which has been some of the most fun I've ever had. Researching all these businesses has exposed me to so much information I would've never bothered to look for otherwise. I now know what potash is, for example.

My first purchase was Google stock. It's weird to think I own a tiny piece of Google, and even weirder to think that every time I click on a Google ad now I'm increasing the value of my own shares by some trillionth of a penny.

Anyway, food. I ate food today. Real actual food.

I'm not sure if these things actually count as whole foods even though they came from a whole foods store, but I got blue corn tortilla chips, mango salsa, and some of the infamous Kind bars. Also got some yogurt but I haven't eaten any of that yet.

I had 2 Kind bars, and probably about 20 chips with salsa. Other than that I snacked on blueberries, strawberries, had a mixed green salad with feta and balsamic dressing, and for dinner I pan-fried a fillet of salmon in olive oil, then cooked spinach in the oil that was leftover in the pan.

I really have no idea how many calories I had because I wasn't measuring the oil or the dressing, and didn't weigh the salmon or the berries. Other than the time spent shopping and cooking (which in my mind I'm always thinking could've been time spent working), this is another thing I don't like about eating healthy food. The measuring to know how many calories I had.

Which is an absurd complaint to have, I know. As if it's better to know I had 420 calories of a double cheeseburger than to eat an unknown quantity of berries. But the uncertainty still bugs me a little.

Still, it was a great feeling to know I had done something very healthy for myself. And it was very satisfying to eat something I cooked for myself, like I knew it would be.

If I had to guess I'd say I was below 1600.

Until tomorrow,


  1. WOW.

    If I could hug you I would!

    Amazing day - any amount of berries (at this point in your plan) is better than a cheeseburger and fries!!

  2. Eric,

    I'm proud of your choices! That is the stuff that success is made of.

    Work is money, money is not life...I'm nearly 42 and still working through that.

    Take better satisfaction in the life you are giving yourself by getting better instead of the life you are giving away to your employer (even if you are self-employed).

  3. Ok, so I'm totally doing a happy dance for you right now!!!! :) You did so good...you ate healthy foods. You freakin cooked!!! You LOVED yourself today and that is awesome. Not that this matters...but I'm SOOOOO proud of you!! You gave your body vitamins, good heart healthy Omega-3s, whole grains, dark leafy greens, folic acid, protein, and calcium. You gave it a little bit of everything and didn't eat junk although everything you ate sounds very yummo. How did that feel? Did the fog lift a little?
    As far as the measuring goes, maybe this will make it a little easier. Just look at the serving info on the bottle of olive oil. If it says 1 tbsp. is a serving, that's like a 2-3 second drizzle into your frying pan. Then just go by the nutritional info on the back of the bottle to count the calories. Most food has the calorie content on it. Even if you have guess a little, I wouldn't be that concerned b/c like you said , "As if it's better to know I had 420 calories of a double cheeseburger than to eat an unknown quantity of berries." Having an overage of berries compared to a "measured" amount of burger is still healthier any day. I hope you do this again and again. I'd love to see how you feel after doing this for a week. I think you'd be surprised how well you'd feel.
    I know you like to work, but no one says on their deathbed "I wish I could have worked a little bit more." Usually it's, "I wish I had've spent more time living." This is the one life we get...enjoy yours Eric. Take time for you and learn balance. There's so much beauty in the world...let the fog clear and enjoy it. :)

  4. Awesome Sauce. You ate good stuff. Just surround yourself with the good stuff and keep the crap out. While measuring is helpful, just eating good stuff is a huge WIN. Kudos man!!


  5. OMG! Who are you and what have you done with Eric! Finally, it's like you've seen the light!

    I'm thrilled to read you're eating real food. I never thought I'd be so happy for someone I don't even know, but I was starting to wonder if you'd ever break free of all that processed crap you were eating.

    Yay Eric! You go my friend!!! :) :) :)