Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 90 - The Sparklehorse

Hello blog.

I had 2 chocolate covered graham crackers with a skinny vanilla latte, a crispy chicken sandwich with a small fry, and a plate of chinese food including orange chicken, broccoli beef, crab rangoon and a small amount of both chow mein and steamed rice.

I didn't write it down so I don't recall the exact number, but I totaled it all up yesterday and it came out to slightly above 2500. So I went slightly over my plan, but I'm not stressing about it. I'll try to make up for it by coming in under for Days 91 and 92.

I just found out yesterday that one of my favorite musicians, Mark Linkous, committed suicide a week ago. He led Sparklehorse, which used to open for Radiohead.

Oh well.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Sorry your fave musician died...I know it sucks b/c then there won't be anymore new music...the music dies with them. I get it. I'm not familiar with Sparklehorse, but I like Radiohead. My suggestion for 93 is to not go to any restaurants for that day. Get some whole food on day 92 and eat it on 93...nothing but whole foods. Take care, and don't leave yourself "high and dry". That was a Radiohead joke btw.

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