Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 91

Hello blog.

Ate just once today. A lot of grilled chicken, rice, beans, salsa and guacamole. Definitely below 1400 for the day but still a lot for one meal. I don't think guacamole was allowed per my rules, and I also took 1 bite of a corn tortilla before I remembered that I couldn't have it.

Was in a hurry in the morning so updating this at night. I've just bought "The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham which I'm reading for the first time ever, so I might be up all night with that... so the update on Day 92 (which was today) might be coming up in just a few hours!

(Spoilers) It was almost exactly the same as today.

I think I remember saying something about planning for Day 93 when I updated for Day 91, so I guess I'll do some more planning right now. For Day 93 I'll take Kim's suggestion and grab some groceries from a whole foods store (Henry's). I won't eat anything but whole foods and won't eat any restaurant food.

And for Days 94-96 I won't eat restaurant food, and will only eat food I have available here at home. No promises on the quality though... but I'm sure I'll have some leftover groceries from Day 93. But I also have a lot of instant noodles, canned beans and rice and condiments and oatmeal around.

I actually ordered some chocolate pralines (what we call truffles they call pralines) from Belgium off Amazon along with this book I'm reading. They should get here around Wednesday. Was planning to eat like 1 - 3 a day. For fun.

Will keep it below 1600 from 93 to 96.

Until tomorrow,


  1. You know I am not a fan of "good food, bad food" rules. For bingers, it is a good way to set yourself up for another binge.

    As for feeling bad about some guacamole? Why? Avocados are a great whole food.

    How did you lose the weight so far? Moderation, right? Even if its moderation with restaurant food. Better than the diet-binge cycle, IMHO.

    Still, incorporating more whole foods and home-cooked foods is essential, so good for you trying. I would just be careful with severe "rules" that make you feel deprived and send you running to Wendy's or whatever.

  2. Eric, only you can decide what approach is going to be best for you in the end. I'll tell you this though. Losing the weight is only such a small part of the journey. It's the attitude changes, the behaviorial changes, and learning to love yourself no matter what skin you're wearing that is the big part of the journey. When my mind was so clouded, I was told so many different times if I'd just eat good food without all the chemicals that I'd immediately feel a change. I'm telling ya, there is a LOT of connections between what we eat and how we feel. Eating unhealthy food in moderation can still lead to bingeing b/c of the chemicals in them. Read up on MSG and high fructose corn syrup. Just those two ingredients alone can make a person feel like eating more and more. The concentration of salt, fat, sugar, unnatural sweeteners and "taste enhancers aka MSG" make people feel like eating leads to binges. There are people who are not as sensative to certain ingredients in husband is one of those people. It makes me pretty frustrated that he can stay skinny and eat junk in moderation. However, even though he doesn't gain weight from it, he has high blood pressure. People are affected differently by food. I am terribly sensative to food ingredients. Most long time bingers are sensative to food ingredients. I can eat something w/ splenda and it triggers ravenous hunger almost instaneously. I can eat MSG, and I feel like I weigh 2 times more than I already do and I can eat and eat and won't even realize I'm full until I'm sick. I'm sure you get tired of people making so many different suggestions. It would be understandable. There are so many different ways to lose weight. You've had a lot of great ones offered by people who have been successful, so it may seem silly to listen to someone who is bigger than you are. The thing is, I've worked through many addictions...not just eating. For the first time ever, I don't feel restricted in any capacity. Every couple of weeks or so I do splurge on comfort food, but I immediately get back on the horse b/c if I eat too many processed foods for too long, I start feeling bad again and craving more food. The reason I suggested getting away from the restaurants for one day is b/c I'm hoping you'll feel the "fog" lift a little so you can understand what those food chemicals really do to your mind and body. The suggestion wasn't made to make you feel restricted...I'm only hoping it will make you feel a little more free. Bingeing is a heavy burden to bear but not understanding all the reasons that it happens in the first place makes it an even more difficult burden to bear. I'm more concerned as to why overeating happens in the first place...that was key for me. I could never moderate how much food I ate when I wasn't eating the right foods. If I was able to control how much I ate, it was only for a short time. I was just wanting to show you that you can eat freely w/o counting calories and still lose weight, if you feed your body the right things. Your body naturally wants to be healthy and when we feed it correctly, it will naturally start returning to its intended form. I just wanted you to know where I'm coming from.