Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 54 - The Cream Cheese Rangoon

Hello blog.

I ate a lot of Chinese food today.

My day started pretty well. Just had a fruit salad and a caesar salad. The work day didn't go very well. By the nature of my work, some days I can actually lose money. The occasional loss is unavoidable, and this was one of those days. And after one of those days, my mood hits the floor and it seems nearly impossible for me to practice moderation.

I had a small portion of kung pao chicken, a small portion of broccoli beef, a small portion of chow mein, 2 small spring rolls and 3 of these cream cheese rangoons.

The Chinese food meal was about 1200 calories, and the salads combined were about 500.

It's a good thing I haven't binged in a long time. My stomach can't handle more than 1200 calories or so at once these days. If it could, in that mood I might've eaten 3000.

I know it's horrible, but I never dreamed that one of my horrible days would be 1700 calories. So I see some good in this.

Expect some meat on Superbowl Sunday.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Chinese food is rough on the diet, especially with all the fat and sodium. Good for you for limiting the portions though...

  2. Sorry you had a crappy day but so glad you didn't binge!!!

  3. I agree that it's great you didn't really binge on a bad work day. And that you still kept track of your calories. I'd call that a victory. -- Sue