Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 68 - The Southern Style

Hello blog.

A lot of repeat foods today. I went for some Chinese which I do often. I asked for barbecued pork, they were out. I asked for beijing beef, they were out. I asked for mandarin chicken, they were out.

So I ended up getting kung pao chicken and broccoli beef, with a big side of steamed vegetables.

When I went to pay for the food they said they threw in some free spring rolls since they didn't have any of the stuff I wanted. +200 calories.

Later I pulled through McDonald's. The amount of cheeseburgers I'd be eating if I didn't have this blog might astonish you. But I can rarely bring myself to eat a cheeseburger anymore because I see it as one of the worst things to have to report here.

Same with any kind of candy bar or cake type thing, or non-diet soda, or milkshake, etc. French fries oddly enough I don't feel any shame over, which is strange because they're just as bad as any of those other things I mentioned.

Anyway at McDonald's I went with one of these:

The southern style crispy chicken sandwich.

I managed to resist that urge to order french fries, but kind of parlayed that into an excuse to order some ice cream. Which is something I said I wouldn't do anymore, but I also said I'd follow a bunch of rules which I suck at following.

I think I'm better at eating fewer calories in general than I am at following specific rules. Which is unfortunate, but maybe eventually I'll start making healthier choices. I don't know.

Not sure where this big drop is coming from. Could be dehydration from all the coke zero. Calories on this day were about... 1400 - 1700 or so. I'm sure it'll level off, it's not possible that I actually lost 3lbs of fat/muscle in a day.

Edit: I just realized this marks my first 30lbs lost. Yay.

Until tomorrow,


  1. 30 pounds lost is great! But you're going to plateau eventually if you don't start eating healthier foods. Did you actually like that chicken sandwich from McD's? I think it's so bland...

  2. Congrats on the great loss!

    I understand about focusing on calories and not necessarily on the type of food you're eating. If you reduce your calories, you'll definitely lose weight.

    At some point you'll need to start eating better. Some of the processed foods you're eating can actually affect your mind and make you depressed. I'm sure you'll get to clean eating eventually. It may just take a while. :)

  3. Congrats on the loss. Question for you: do you love food and the way it tastes, or are you a super picky eater? I wonder if you have tried better, more yummy food out there. I think McD's and Chinese are somewhat yummy, but there are tastier and more fulfilling options which you might like. Plus, when they are healthier, you can often have much larger portions to make you feel like you are getting more volume. Food for thought :-)


  4. Stumbled on your blog from Missa's page ^

    Congrats on the loss! You should have a new challenge for yourself and make your own McChicken. As much as counting your calories matters, you have more control of what you eat when you cook it yourself. It can be like a new life skill you gain on your weight loss journey.

    That said, keep up what you're doing! Keep being conscious, keep blogging, and keep making good choices.

    - Jess