Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 74 - The Mealaday Plan

Hello blog.

Today I had some candy, then dinner was some grilled chicken.

I had two breasts and a wing, with beans and rice, and 2 small corn tortillas, with salsa and guacamole (mmmm). It was just the one meal for the whole day, and it got me thinking.

What would a single nutritionally perfect meal look like?

Would it have like 20 half-bites of 20 different kinds of fruit and vegetable? What kind of beans would it have? What kind of meat?

I don't know. The idea of a nutritionally perfect meal sounds appealing to me. And the idea of eating just once a day sounds appealing to me, too. It's a lot less stressful and there are fewer opportunities for me to overeat.

So here's what I'm going to try over the next... well, tomorrow. And I'll see if it sticks. I'm just gonna eat once a day a few hours before bed, and the meal is going to include some form of animal protein, some form of carbohydrates, and a multivitamin. And some other more colorful stuff. I'll figure it out later.

Maybe some fish oil, or red wine.

I started positioning my feet a little differently on my scale, and I think it added a couple pounds. They're more toward the center of the scale now and I think that gives a more accurate reading?

I should buy a new scale. Mine is crappy.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Eric,

    I stumbled across your blog and have greatly enjoyed reading about your journey. Please do not take on a lifestyle of only eating once a day-- it is terrible for you! Even if it helps you to lose weight in the short term it will absolutely ruin your metabolism. When you starve yourself your body goes into storage mode because it isn't sure when you will "feed" it next so it thinks it needs to hold on to every last energy source. So yes, you may lose weight over the next few weeks only eating one a day but then if you ever start to eat more frequently it is certain that you will gain back whatever you lost. It is recommended that you eat something within the first hour of waking up to jumpstart your metabolism and then eat small meals every 3-4 hours throughout the day.

    Please take care of yourself!

  2. Please do not eat once a day. That is so bad for your metabolism, your blood sugar, your liver, your everything. Please, please do not do that.

    Have you talked to a dietician? I wonder if that would help you...


  3. Sometimes I wonder if you are messing with us. I've been reading your blog for some time now and judging by your posts you seem extremely intelligent. I wonder if you really eat the way you say, or if you are just trying to get a rise out of us. If this is a real person, writing a real blog, I suggest that perhaps you continue your research into proper nutrition.

  4. I wouldn't advise on the eating one meal a day if your weakness is binge eating. When you restrict yourself from having something you want, then you finally get it, it's possible that you will overindulge. You can exceed your daily caloric goal in one meal as well, if you think about past binges.

    Not feeding the body is terrible for your metabolism and you will most likely end up losing water weight and/or muscle tissue.

    An alcoholic can stop drinking and avoid alcohol. A drug addict can stop using his drug of choice. Unfortunately, we HAVE to eat. Stick to clean foods like protein, fruits, and veggies and try to eat every two-three hours. Get your exercise in and the weight WILL come off.

  5. I agree with Rheina. It's so true what she said. If you cut down to one meal a day, bingeing is almost an absolute. The reason they call it "breakfast" is b/c it is when you are breaking a fast. If you don't break that fast from sleeping, your body will not burn optimally like it should, your blood sugar will plummet and your body will scream "Carbs!Sugar please!!". Then you'll end up eating anything and everything to get your blood sugar back up. Eat a big breakfast...nutritious with whole grains, protein, fruit. Your body will thank you. Also, when you're surfing the web, trying looking at some websites about nutrition. Realage is a good one so maybe you'll have a better idea of what and how you should eating. You've got the calorie counting down pat, now try getting a healthy routine down. You're going to do good, just take advantage of the resources you have. Also, a big help is to look at other peoples' blogs to see how and what they're eating. It helps me a lot.

  6. Oh my gosh, seriously? This is like that episode of Metalocolypse where they're trying to lose weight so they (stupidly) decide they should only eat one meal a day, a little before bed. *bangs head against wall*

    Do you follow any other weight loss or health blogs, Eric? If you do, I'm sure you've noticed that no one else only eats once a day. And the reason is because it's stupid. It is hard on your body because the body is usual up for 16 hours a day, and it needs fuel most of the way through. You're going to feel fatigued, groggy, very low on energy if you do this. Oh, and there's the whole starving feeling, too, so your body's going to hold on to all the fat it can because it will think you're going through a famine. Until of course you binge. Either way, you're not gonna lose weight. Plus, if you're going to only eat one meal a day, at least do it in the morning so that you have fuel for some of your day. Why in the world would you do it a couple hours before bed? So your body doesn't have a chance to use the calories? So that it stores them as fat while you're sleeping?

  7. Oh Eric, you were doing so WELL. The whole eating salads thing, only eating food that looks like what it IS. I saw a light at the end of your weight-loss tunnel! Now with the one meal thing again! Arg! I wondered once, too if you were putting us on with your ideas of how to go about losing weight. Since you started to smarten up a bit, I thought maybe I was wrong. I still think you are really a person trying to lose weight, but seriously, you have to do a BIT of research into what you are trying before you do it. Or at the VERY least listen to the kind, concerned bloggers commenting on your posts!

    So to sum up, that's a bit NO, red flag and hold up there pardner on the 1 meal a day thing!

    PHEW...I am done.