Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 52 - The Kind Cranberry

Hello blog.

Had dentist and hygienist appointments today and still have to put in 8 hours of work so I'm pretty jammed for time. But I think I prefer it that way.

This time I found myself again reaching for the convenience of the Kind bars. Had 3 cranberry & almond.

I really don't think they're bad. They're basically just dried fruits and nuts. The problem is, both of those things are extremely calorie-dense foods.

And I'm pretty sure this Kind has macadamias. They're just too good.

For proper meals I had one steak taco, some corn chips with guacamole (I love love love avocado), and a small salad with I think cotija cheese and cilantro dressing.

On my drive home I again grabbed a soft serve ice cream cone from McDonald's. It's become a bit of a ritual to drive home and have soft serve while listening to NPR.

But today I'm announcing no more ice cream from now on unless it's some special social thing. No more everyday ice cream. No more lonely ice cream.

I think my calorie total for the day was like 1400 - 1700 or so.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Back away from the ice cream!...Great plan. And good job with the weight loss.

  2. Great job with the pretty much steady losses.

  3. That's smart of you to cut out the ice cream. I don't even think McDonald's ice cream is that good anyway. Sure, it's creamy and all that, but it really doesn't have any flavor. They say it's vanilla, but if you taste actual vanilla ice cream, you'll realize that it's really not.