Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 67 - The Huevos Rancheros

Hello blog.

Went out to breakfast and saw something on the menu I've never tried before. Huevos rancheros.

It's basically delicious cooked peppers and onions and sauce on top of eggs on top of a tortilla. The dish I ordered looked pretty much like that, except instead of beans and rice it came with beans and hashbrowns.

I had a few bites of the hashbrowns and a few bites of the beans, but for the most part left them alone.

I really liked it. It's pretty rare that I don't enjoy something new.

Over lunch I had a smallish caesar salad sans chicken, and I think a granny smith apple.

Dinner was going to be half an italian sandwich and 3 stuffed jalapenos, but unfortunately turned into an italian sandwich and 7 stuffed jalapenos.

I think around 2100 - 2400 calories on the day. If I had eaten what I was planning to for dinner it would've been like 1500 - 1800.

My willpower has been sucking lately. I'm thinking about skipping breakfast from now on. Or going on another fast.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Skipping breakfast is a bad, bad idea. Not only will it cause your metabolism to slow down, but you will just be ravenous later on and end up consuming more calories than you would have had you just eaten breakfast.

  2. What screwdestiny said!

    I read this post and my first thought was, "I'd love to teach that boy how to cook." Not Julia Child - cooking, just how to make eggs and peppers on a tortilla for breakfast so he could see it would not only taste better but only take 5 minutes and be so much healthier. So he could maybe learn to love real food if he had a hand in creating it.

  3. Yeah, what the two above me said. Breakfast really IS the most important meal and needs to be the healthiest and biggest meal you eat during the day.

  4. Your weight chart looks better and your choices yesterday were not terrible. Keep doing it the way you were doing - eat what you want, but smaller portions!