Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 51 - The Slow

Hello blog.

I was partway through my fast, had just gotten out of therapy, and was asking myself, "Why am I fasting?"

Then I stopped fasting.

Throughout the day I had 3 grilled chicken legs, 1 steak taco, some corn chip with guacamole, 2 kind cranberry & almond bars, and a big salad with grilled chicken and cilantro dressing. And once again the dreaded ice cream cone.

Less than 2,000 calories on the day. It's a healthy amount of food for me to eat but it's too much to be getting results at the pace I want. I really need to bring it down to like 1400 or less. Or start exercising maybe, if I could ever find some form of physical activity I don't hate.

This guy's really funny. And since flying to New York recently, his stuff about flying has taken on new meaning to me.

I'm still really not sure whether deciding to break my fast is a good sign or a bad sign. It's either a lack of discipline, or signs of a more healthy less turbulent relationship to food.

I don't know which.

Until tomorrow,


  1. What if you ate one cooked at home meal a day? Just one meal would significantly cut your calories for that meal and alot of meals don't even require real cooking or planning. Breakfast is an easy one to start with.

    I'm not a believer in fasting,so I'm glad you didn't stick it out :)

  2. Have you considered restricting your carbs? First timers always lose a lot of weight very quickly. You can eat your burgers just take off the bun, etc. Grilled chicken and salads which you seem to enjoy are great for low carbing. Eating larger amounts of protein also helps curb your appetite, where eating carbs actually stimulates it, and eating those fruit and nut bars are probably really hurting you in that respect. Hunger control is going to be the key to sticking to a diet. Exercise also - while good for your body and mind, will do very little to take the weight off faster. In fact, you are likely to gain muscle, and appear to not lose weight and give up in frustration, just based on what I've gathered of your personality from reading thus far.

  3. Hahaha, I love Brian Regan. And it's true, I can't just eat a half cup of ice cream. No siree.

    By the way, it's probably good that you got off your fast seeing as how you did one just recently. I believe fasting is good for the body, but only like, twice a year. It shouldn't be done every month.

  4. Do you have somewhere that you can jump rope privately? It takes a while to work up to a good pace, but it is great cardio and portable for those trips to NYC.

  5. LOVE Brian Regan, even moreso after seeing him live a couple of months ago! :)

    I'm new to your blog but went through the archives today and was really impressed with how you seem to have kicked binge eating for the most part. (I'm a binge monster myself). I also applaud you for getting some veggies and fruits through salads--it's a great start.

    Just wanted to ask if you've tried Kashi frozen meals or even some of the newer, "fancier" Lean Cuisines and such. You could eat two of those frozen dinners, and maybe some fruit or nuts or veggies in those microwaveable steam bags, and still have a a low calorie meal, with good protein, veggies, and whole grains (in the case of Kashi meals, anyway). They are fairly low sodium and high fiber too. [No, I don't work for Kashi, or any other food company for that matter!]

    Just wondered if you might want to try this for a couple dinners a week or something? Because you are pressed for time and have a demanding work schedule, you might be pleased with how quick this option is. It wouldn't take any longer than swinging through the drive-through and certainly takes less time than a sit-down restaurant meal. Plus I imagine these are not too problematic to have in the house, in terms of binging risk.