Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 76 - The Tacos

Hello blog.

Had two of those chicken caesar bowls, and for dinner I felt like tacos.

I had 3 corn and 3 flour, for a total 840 calories (according to Del Taco's website).

Throughout the day I also had 6 sugar free Red Bulls (3 big cans, 6 total servings). My body's circadian rhythm is off right now and I'm trying to bring it back to getting sleepy at a normal time, instead of at noon. That's 60 calories since it has inositol.

Less than 2,000 on the day.

I actually thought about going for a walk, but it's been raining so I couldn't. But I definitely thought about it. Maybe when it stops raining I'll actually move my limbs for once. :)

Until tomorrow,


  1. Hey Eric,

    If you are trying to sleep, I doubt Red Bull are going to get you moving in that direction. 6 cans is a ton of caffeine. I am surprised you aren't jumping off the walls!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Hmmm...and did you have the lowfat packets of dressing with your salads or the regular and are you measuring how much you use. That stuff has a lot of calories. Actually, depending on what type you use and what size package, you can easily use up close to 1000 calories. Just curious.

  3. Oh, sorry...I meant you can use up to 1000 calories easily on two salads worth of dressing depending on what kind and the amount you have.

  4. A little less than 200 calories on the creamy cilantro dressing for each chicken caesar bowl. It's actually the best-tasting salad dressing in the world, I think. Pure fat.

  5. Well, with each of those salads weighing in at about 500 calories each and then with the dressing coming in at around 190 each, then the tacos-840, then the Red Bulls...that actually is around 2,260 calories...not under 2000. Oh, and that much Red Bull is very risky. Those things can make you have palpatations amongst other things. It certainly won't help your Circadian rhythm b/c it's artificially stimulating you. Just have a set bedtime and wake time. Drink some green tea (not the bottled kind in the store) when you start feeling sleepy through the day. Green tea is good for you and it will give you a little pep without the heart risks...and a box of green tea is a lot cheaper than that much Red Bull. If you have to sweeten the green tea, buy you some Stevia. It's an herbal sweetener that has a benefit of helping your blood sugar as well. Wal-mart sells it in the vitamin section for like 5 dollars per box and there's lots of packets.

  6. So, since you seem to like eating only at fast food establishments, there's a new salad you should try.

    It's the Apple Pecan Chicken salad (with grilled chicken) at Wendy's and OH LORD is it delicious! Seriously, I've had it like, three times in five days. It's that good. It's only 500 calories (and that's with the dressing and everything), 13 grams of fat (I think), and it's very filling. Mmm. I don't even miss my favorite crispy chicken club when I go there now because that salad is SO freaking good. Oh, but if you do get it, make sure to use only one of the pomegranate vinaigrette dressings. They'll give you two, but one dresses it perfectly.