Sunday, January 24, 2010

Days 38-42 - The Trip to New York

Hello blog.

I had an amazing, exhausting and busy time in New York. Ended up staying an extra night.

And honestly, being home makes me feel like shit. The Ritz-Carlton has me feeling extremely ungrateful about my apartment right now, and I really miss some of the people, and I'm just in a deep hole of depression right now.

And the baggage handlers destroyed the battery charger to my digital camera, so all I have for you is this stock photo of Lady Liberty.

My bag got delayed, later found out it was opened and inspected by the TSA. When it finally arrived, a bottle of nyquil had been punctured and had ruined a few things in the baggage. Battery charger, a jacket, and the interior lining of the baggage.


As for food, I ate far less than I thought I would. For some reason I just didn't have much of an appetite and was more interested in other things happening around me.

Let's see if I can remember everything I ate over the last 5 days...

-5 or 6 beers
-1 jack and diet
-skirt steak with pinot noir sauce and parmesan truffle fries (small portions) with a buttered roll
-chocolate pyramid (small portion)
-3-egg omelet with spinach, cheddar and mushroom fricassee (half) with a slice of 7 grain buttered toast and a half-glass of orange juice
-almond milk pancakes with carmelized bananas and pure maple syrup (small portion)
-2 slices of thin crust cheese pizza
-half bottle of sprite
-half a vegetarian sandwich with broccoli cheese soup
-half an apple
-half a chocolate chip cookie
-small portion of pringles
-Schlotzsky's original sandwich

I'm pretty sure that's everything. The in-room dining at The Ritz-Carlton was incredible. Probably the best food I've ever had in my life, and with the best service. The skirt steak with pinot noir sauce in particular was just out of this world delicious.

I definitely had less than 1500 calories per day on average, and definitely never ate more than 1200 calories in one meal. So no real binges. I could have picked healthier options though obviously.

This makes quite some time without a big binge. The fact that I didn't bother to binge in New York despite the fact that I basically gave myself permission to... I think is a good sign. And kind of strange honestly.

I really miss the comfort and joy I had in New York. And I feel really depressed right now.

I'm considering Sunday a day off. I'll be unpacking and cleaning and getting ready for the work week all day. And... I'm really not looking forward to it.

I'll be back to work and salads by Monday.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Glad you enjoyed the trip and well done on the moderation! Celebrate that you did well and use today to get settled back in to your routine. We would love to see the pictures if you can post some later.

  2. Eric,

    Sounds like quite a success and if the graph is telling the picture, looks like you even lost some weight over the last few days.

    Cheer up! Take time to get a bit happy about the good you are doing for yourself.

    Hell, anything would look depressing to the Ritz, but the Ritz ain't reality!

    Hang in there and have a good work week.