Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 25 - The Nothing New

Hello blog.

Not much to report today. I had instant noodles with a bit of chocolate pocky, then I had a bacon ranch salad with crispy chicken from McDonald's. Below 1200 calories on the day.

Partway through eating the candy, I actually lost interest in it. Which is pretty amazing, because I hadn't gorged myself or anything, and I actually didn't want any more food.

I think for the first time I'd say I really don't have binge eating disorder right now.

Though I'm sure I'd be amazed how easily it can come back.

Still 2 more pounds to photo updates.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Eric,

    You certainly have been making better choices than your binging past.

    I am curious to hear more about what other choices you intend to make to continually improve.

    Perhaps it is just a new choice each week. Maybe for next week, your future salads could use the grilled chicken option instead of the crispy chicken.

    Since you haven't reported any exercise in favor of getting all the work hours you can, you'll have to be pretty agressive on better dietary choices while still actually eating multiple smaller meals/snacks per day.

    I totally understand where you are coming from and your approach...I'd just hate to see things start to stall or oscillate for you.

    Keep up with your good choices!

  2. Thanks Kyle.

    The grilled chicken is actually an easy change to make, and I definitely agree with getting rid of as many refined carbohydrates as possible. I've already cut out the croutons for that reason.

    The salad I already bought for myself to eat later today has crispy chicken, but after that I think I'll try to choose grilled a lot more often.

    The most difficult change with salad for me would be to go without a creamy or oily dressing. The low-fat options seem to simply water down or replace fat with sugar, and I really don't trust them. I guess I could just use less of it.

    I said I'd be bringing in some fruit too, which hasn't happened yet.

    The biggest problem with fruit is it always expires quickly.

    If there are fresh foods that have a shelf life of more than 7 days I'd be interested in hearing about them. I think I'd be willing to make time to go to a grocery store once a week.

    Cooking, though, I'm not sure...

  3. Apples, pears and oranges have reasonably long shelf lives and brocolli and baby carrots do pretty good as well. Fried fruits... raisins, apricots, etc... might be a good option, too.

    My go-to snack during the middle of the day is raw almonds. Very filling, full of health fats, and can be kept in the car, office or even in your pocket.

    Good luck!

  4. LOL... I think Jack meant to say DRIED fruits instead of FRIED fruits. Don't get me started on Hostess fruit pies...holy lord!

    I know that some of the healthier lifestyle options including fresher produce and even cooking seem like foreign concepts. As you get into a healthier state of mind, those won't seem so unreachable.

    Another Blogger, has been bitten by the cooking bug (and has lost a lot of weight too). He is doing some very inspiring cooking.

    I love to cook, personally.

    Don't worry about skimping on your dressing choice, but I offer two ways to use less of it.

    Squeeze the dressing into a separate container. Dip your fork tines into the dressing before each bite. You'll end up using less, but still get dressing with each bite.

    The absolute best thing, though, is to use half the dressing but "toss" the salad. Even the fast-food salads come in containers that with a bit of care can be sealed and shook vigorously. You'll get dressing on all bites, but with less dressing actually used. I usually overate on dressing because it would just glop on top and then I felt I needed much more dressing to make the rest of it palatable.

    So many opportunities to improve...just keep selecting a new habit as often as you can incorporate them and you'll keep doing better.

    Getting Better and Better...