Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 21 - The Steak & Egg

Hello blog.

I got all my food from Jack in the Box again. It's a matter of extreme convenience. Being able to get all my food for the day before work, eat part of it then, and eat the rest after, is just very convenient for me.

I ordered a crispy chicken pita snack, a steak and egg burrito, and a southwest crispy chicken salad, for a total of about 2,000 calories.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that burrito.

The pita snack weighed in at like 400 calories. It was way bigger than I was expecting it to be. That they call that a "snack" is quite ridiculous.

My original plan was to remove some ingredients from the southwest chicken salad to compensate for the unexpectedly high caloric content of the burrito and pita, but at the end of the day it just didn't happen that way.

I found out it came with spicy corn sticks. If they were just regular corn sticks everything would have gone according to plan, but I'm a junky for spicy food.

And then they weren't even spicy to me. Oh well.

I was pretty impressed with that salad, though. It came with roasted corn and black beans and jack cheese. The southwest dressing was good. I find myself really enjoying these salads.

I feel a bit like Nacho Libre when he could finally afford to make salads for the orphanage instead of bean slop. How salads in that movie seemed to be regarded as the most expensive and tastiest of all foods.

Good for them for not giving in to product placement and having Nacho buy Coca-Cola or something.

Just four more pounds to updated photos. I'm fully expecting there to not be hardly any difference, but we'll see.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Eric,

    I re-read every post since day one including the well meaning comments from fellow bloggers. I appreciate the fact that we are all different, have different motivations and triggers, and have a different set of issues packed in our baggage. While some of the comments were direct, they were there out of love and caring.

    You and I have many similarities. Again, your top weight was near my top weight. Your eating behaviors were similar to mine.

    You are a data driven am I (IT guy).

    You will get the hang of will figure out how to do this in a healthy way.

    You didn't get into this overnight and won't fix it overnight.

    While it pained me to read about your early days efforts, I do see the promise in where you've come to.

    I'm still here for you...

  2. Me too. I'm with Kyle. You do it your way. I'm glad you're still posting!

  3. I'm biting my tongue on my "all your meals at Jack-in-the-Box?!?" comment and just waving you on in encouragement. If you can get it done this way, more power to you, brother...

  4. I don't understand why you don't pack meals from home or eat fresh food. While you may lose weight eating fast food because you're eating less calories you may continue to have health problems due to the fat and sodium content of these foods. Not to mention that these foods are highly processed. Your body needs fresh food (food that isn't out of box, fried, etc).