Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 23 - The Creamy Cilantro

Hello blog.

Today I skipped breakfast for lunch. Pulled through a McDonald's determined to not order beef, and ended up with this.

The Premium Crispy Chicken Club. It comes with bacon, swiss and mayo. A little over 600 calories.

I got it in the meal and tried to order it small, but they just ignored me and punched in a medium. I don't think they actually offer their value meals in a small. So add medium fries and a medium plain iced tea to that.

So it was about 1,000 calories.

In the morning I had some dark chocolate pocky sticks for a snack. Then mid-afternoon I pulled through El Pollo Loco and got a chicken caesar salad with creamy cilantro dressing. Also ordered 2 grilled chicken legs and ate those. Then later when I ate the salad, had some more dark chocolate pocky.

No gains.

About 2100 calories today. Too much. I'll need to specify small orders from now on, I don't need medium fries. And I guess I could do a better job of staying away from the pocky.

Keeping up with my commitment to eat a salad every day so far. It feels good. Go me.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. I think it's fantastic you are trying to eat a salad every day! Great idea. Can I make a couple suggestions to cut some more calories?

    1. Instead of the breaded chicken, go for grilled every time. MUCH better for you, lower in fat and calories.

    2. Avoid full-fat caesar dressing. It is LOADED with fat and calories and totally negates anything healthy you are trying to do with your salad! If you have no choice, ask for it on the side (an important tip for any dressing, really) and just dip your fork in it before your stab your greens. You will use WAYYYY less dressing this way!

    3. Try to find leaner substitutes for things like bacon and cheese as add ons to your meals. Lean turkey sausage, for example. Cheese can be omitted from most things to save a lot of calories.

    Baby steps, my friend. Making healthier choices every day will get you where you want to be. :) If you can't see eliminating all the tasty high-fat stuff right away, try leaving out or substituting ONE thing for now.

    Good luck, hope you get to post pics soon!