Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 37 - The Asiago Bagel

Hello blog.

Flight leaves in 8 hours. This will be my last post until after I get home from New York, on the 22nd.

I didn't have much time to eat this day. I ate twice, and both times pretty much just gave in to whatever I felt like, while keeping the calories within reason. I was really stressed and kind of upset at how busy everything's been for me lately.

Still am.

I had this asiago bagel with cream cheese from Starbucks, along with some kind of hot milky beverage. I'm not sure what it was because it wasn't what I asked for, but there wasn't really time to complain. It was tall and I drank maybe a third of it.

Then for dinner I had a grilled cheese sandwich with a small fry, some ranch dip, and ice water. Didn't eat all the fries and didn't use too much of the ranch.

I really have no idea about the calories for this day, but I'm sure it's somewhere below 2,000. Probably much lower.

I'll be keeping what I eat written down throughout my trip to New York and I'll bring this blog up to date in one megapost after I return. I expect to gain a few pounds.



  1. Eric,
    First off, it’s great that you’re willing to do this for yourself and everyone who cares about you. It’s all about choices. Fast food isn’t the best way to go, but who knows, maybe you’ll make a movie about “How I got skinny eating fast food”. Great work if you can get it. So I’ve been thinking about choices, and I’ve come up with the following that might help you make better ones when dining at your favorite drive-thru:

    1. Stock up on condiments and keep them with you. Particularly mustard, hot sauce and lemon juice. Stay away from mayo, tartar sauce, horsy sauce, and other things that contain mayo. Keep these things with you on your journey so you can use them to flavor even the most bland of creations.

    2. Get the biggest size soft drink cup you can and fill it with ice. Then add unsweetened iced tea and some lemon juice. When the tea is gone, continue to fill the cup with water and a little lemon juice until the ice is melted. Repeat as needed.

    3. When ordering, instead of saying you don’t want the fries, get a side salad with no dressing, cheese, or croutons. Then use salsa as a salad dressing instead of ranch or bleu cheese. The salsa gives veggies a nice kick. You can also add lemon juice or hot sauce to change things up. And as was stated earlier by another poster – shake, shake, shake the salad to get an even coating.
    4. Go for the grilled chicken wrap with no mayo or cheese. Then use hot sauce or salsa on the wrap for extra flavor. Salsa usually has about 5-10 calories per tablespoon, which is much better than the 80+ you get with most salad dressings.
    5. If you MUST have a burger, take the top bun off, throw it out, then cut the rest of the burger in half, flip one half so it’s on the other half, and enjoy. You get all the meat with half the bread. And order that burger with no mayo or sauce and use your handy dandy packets of hot sauce or mustard for extra flavor.

    6. Go grilled. Fried foods only add calories. And they’re not fried in anything healthy. You can spice up grilled chicken easily by using your packets from option 1. Again, no mayo.

    7. There’s nothing wrong with a small cone from McD’s. If you have a sweet tooth, this is probably one of your better choices. Not every day, but a couple of times a week is acceptable.

    Let us know when you’re ready to hit the grocery store. I’m sure others have some great ideas on how to save on calories while still having delicious food. You said earlier food needs to last more than a week. Very doable.
    You have a great support system here. Use it to your advantage. We’re here to help. You wouldn’t have started this blog if you didn’t want help. Listen to what the “experts” have to say.