Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 46 - The Vegetarian

Hello blog.

Ate no meat today, and I'm thinking about making it a regular thing for a little while. Just to try it out.

I had a spinach and feta wrap in the morning with a skinny vanilla latte. Lunch was a fruit and walnut salad. Dinner was a southwest salad with no chicken.

And of course, I didn't finish any of it. :)

I think I'm below 800 calories this time.

And just because, here's a song I love. I hope you all enjoy it, too.

He's got quite a voice, doesn't he?

I really feel like I'm out of withdrawal. Any time you kick a bad habit you go through withdrawals, and I think that's completely over for me with binge eating. The thought of eating a ton of food in one sitting doesn't appeal to me in any way anymore.

I'm perfectly content with eating smaller portions. But what it's done is it's taken something out of my life that used to be a major part of my enjoyment in life, and I haven't found anything to replace it yet.

So I've just been working more.

My therapist always tells me I don't enjoy life enough. And he's right. But I just don't know what to do with myself when I'm not working or eating.

Until tomorrow,


  1. You could start exercising and preparing meals at home (baby steps, of course).

  2. Hi Eric,

    I've just read all your posts up until this point and I gotta say it's a very interesting approach to losing weight. It is good that you're no longer eating ~9,000 calories a day. You may think that eating this new way will get rid of diabetes symptoms but with all the salt, fat and cholesterol you're consuming, have you thought about your blood pressure and cholesterol levels?

    I recently read an article about a study just released. It has to do with what doctors call "normal weight obese." The people that fit this description are normal weight and normal BMI but have extremely high levels of body fat (greater than 35%). The study states that these people are just as likely to suffer from heart disease and complications that go along with that (high BP, high cholesterol, etc.). So, just because you want to be "skinny," doesn't exactly mean you'll be healthy.

    Exercise is key, specifically a good balance of weight lifting and cardio. You said you need something to do. I suggest the Couch to 5K plan, I'm on week 6 and never thought I would be a "runner." Also, check out a book called "The New Rules of Weightlifting."

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I'll be following your journey. Best of luck!


  3. Start looking around at what makes you happy & give it a whirl.
    You can't just work...really!
    Do you want to look back in 10 years, heck 1 year & say, "what did I do?" and have your sole answer be "worked"?
    What interests you? What entertains you?

    I hope you can find something fun to do in your life!


  4. Hi Eric - I just wanted to say WAY TO GO, you are losing weight and doing what works for you. I don't know why people like Jack Sh*t are giving you sh*t about your approach. (I love JS by the way).

    To go from binging to what you are doing now is a huge victory and you should be proud of your success.

    I bet once you start losing even more you will find the confidence to do other things that make you happy. In fact, I am going to say this is essential to lasting success with weight loss. Hey, you are already blogging, that counts as a worthwhile activity!

    Good luck, I look forward to following you.


  5. Hey, just found your blog. Even though your approach is strange, it looks like you are healthier and have a better relationship with food than you used to, so kudos!

    As far as finding something to fill the void that food has left, what are your hobbies? If you don't have any, you could start exercising like another blogger suggested. Exercise does wonders for your emotional state.

  6. I personally couldn't live on restaurant food but if it works for you go for it.

    There's a lot to be said for fresh fruit and vegetables though!