Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 33 - The Original Recipe

Hello blog.

Treated myself to a 2-piece meal from KFC this afternoon, with coleslaw and mac & cheese.

I had them give me 2 legs because the legs are the smallest. Less than 800 calories for the meal, which isn't too terrible.

For dinner I had a grilled chicken garden salad, with a reduced fat balsamic vinaigrette that I actually liked for a change. Only unhealthy ingredient there was a tiny bit of shredded cheese (not even enough to taste it, really) and a few croutons.

Finished the day with some ice cream, because I again had a craving and my calorie count was still so low for the day I felt I could afford to indulge a little.

About 1500 total calories on the day.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. Wow, I just went back and read your blog from Day 1.

    You must feel alot better having dropped some weight already and your body must be getting used to fewer calories now.

    Have you given any thought to using sparkpeople or another program to figure out the right ration of calories/protein/fat/carbs for your weight loss?

    This isn't an easy road but there are so many tools out there to make it a little easier and definitely healthier.

    Take care.