Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 29 - The St. Louis Ribs

Hello blog.

This time I worked through the whole day without eating, basically. By the end my appetite was pretty crazy, I had a craving for some ribs and I knew a place. They also make homemade potato chips fresh out of the frier. I had both, with a bit of garlic bread they came with, and a diet coke.

I actually felt guilty so I brought home one of these to eat later in the evening.

The fruit & walnut salad they make for McDonald's. It's basically apples, grapes, a small amount of candied walnuts, and some low fat yogurt. I couldn't really imagine how that could possibly be so bad for me so I didn't care that it was coming from McDonald's.

Things are really busy right now because on top of work I've got an apartment inspection tomorrow. Having to do a lot of cleaning to make the place sparkle, and a lot of extra work to make up for the time lost spent cleaning and etc.

I'm also planning and preparing for a trip to New York, which will be more lost time, which is more time that I need to make up for with work. Very busy!

Same old graph.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. Eric,

    Now, you are starting to test my supportive instincts.

    I'm doing my best to hang in there...I hope you continue to do your best to incorporate some better habits and soon. Just making a few better food choices isn't going to cut it over the longer haul.

    I love to help anyone who helps themselves.