Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 43 - The Panda Express

Hello blog.

Opened up my day with a low-carb plate of 3 eggs scrambled, with 4 strips of bacon and 4 sausage links.

There are a few schools of thought with diet and I think I generally tend to err on the side of being anti-sweets and anti-starch more than anti-fat and cholesterol, so for me I consider this a success.

Partly because I believe that's what causes diabetes, and in the past I've felt myself slipping into diabetic symptoms. The heart racing and palpitating after a carb-heavy meal was a daily occurrence and it can be scary. It toys with your body's natural insulin. I'd always get the shakes, the scary heart symptoms, and be hungry again within a couple hours.

I didn't finish all the eggs, or all the sausage, or all the bacon. I've got this new rule for myself, where I don't finish any food I get. I always leave at least a bite or swig behind of every individual food or drink I'm having. Less than 750 calories for breakfast.

Then for dinner I went with some Panda Express.

I got the mixed vegetables instead of the usual rice or noodles. And two entrees, their new "firecracker chicken" and barbecued pork. About 700 calories total if I ate it all, but I left behind a little of everything, so I'm guessing 600.

Finished the day off with a little 90-calorie iced dulce cinnamon latte thing from Starbucks, which I again didn't finish.

Less than 1500 calories on the day.

New pictures at 246. Feels like ages away.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. Nicely done. I like those foods too, but don't have that discipline yet to count the calories. Need to get on that.