Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 22 - The Chopped Cob

Hello blog.

This time I had a 3-egg plate in the morning, scrambled, with 3 or 4 strips of bacon, and two slices of lightly buttered rye toast.

I also ordered a diet pepsi with this, but after a few sips I wasn't sure I could trust it was diet, so I ended up not drinking it.

I took home a chopped cob salad with fat free italian dressing. It had grilled chicken, avacado, diced tomatoes, shredded cheddar, bacon, and one hard-boiled egg. Dressing and all, it was about 750 calories total. And I couldn't finish it all.

I was really unhappy with the low fat italian. They need to keep it flavorful, and flavor comes from fat and sugar, so as far as I can tell they basically just replaced the oil with corn syrup. It was like eating my salad with maple syrup or something.

That does reduce the calories a good amount since fat grams have 9 calories and sugar grams only have 4, but I think next time I'd probably just go with a regular italian.

Probably about 1400 calories on the day, or another 100 if those sips of pepsi were non-diet as I suspect they were.

Two more pounds to the first 20-pound loss and new pictures.

For people who don't understand why I can't go to the supermarket and buy fresh food all the time. I take on a tremendous workload because I'm able to give myself unlimited hours and the work is incentive-based. Fresh food needs to be cooked and also expires quickly. I don't have time to be my own chef, and I don't have anybody that's willing to cook for me all the time, other than people in restaurants.

I thought about hiring a personal chef or assistant, but I just think that would be way too weird and don't think I have enough use for one for it to be worthwhile. I also have certain social phobias that would make it very difficult for me to have a stranger around all the time.

What I'm doing now is probably better than what I was doing before. And what I was doing before was probably better than what I was doing before that. Maybe things will just continue to improve.

Until tomorrow,


  1. I think that paying attention to what you're eating is more important than where the food came from. Even restaurant food can be healthy if you make the right choices.

  2. Eric,

    I think the scale is telling a good tale and you seem to still be making choices that are leaps and bounds better than your original habits. I applaud you!

    I only use the low-fat (and almost never fat free) alternatives if they are worth it. I'd rather have sacrificed the bacon or cheese off the salad to have a better dressing.

    If you'll continue with breakfast out, I'd encourage you to check out Denny's. I wrote a blog article about them. They have some wonderful alternative choices for their Grand Slam breakfast, e.g. chicken sausage, turkey bacon, etc.

    As Kathy said, you can still eat out, but select restaurants that will favor your goals.

    Keep at it!

  3. If the dressings they are offering are bad, what about buying your own salad dressing from the store? They will last for months & you could have a nice selection to choose from depending upon your mood.
    Some of the fat free ones are...icky, lol, but some aren't too bad. My absolute favorite is a Greek Viniagrette from Kraft that has olive oil in it. It isn't bland & a little goes a long way. My dh likes the fat free hidden valley rance - but only that brand.

    Just a thought since the dressing wasn't working it for you & you're trying to keep up with the salads.