Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 4 - The Turkey Lunch

Hello blog.

I ate for the first time in about 84 hours today. I said I'd have a photo, but I completely forgot to take one. Luckily they had a picture of the exact meal I ordered right on their website.

The only difference being, my mashed potatoes didn't come with anything on them.

I didn't eat the cranberry sauce, I didn't eat the vegetables, I only ate about half the potatoes, and I ate about 80% of the turkey and stuffing with gravy.

Other than that, I had one small slice of cornbread with butter, a small glass of nonfat chocolate milk, and a few bites of an apple ice cream dessert my sister ordered.

This restaurant has a very nice online nutritional calculator, and based on my estimations, I ate between 900 and 1400 calories.

I was stuffed and couldn't eat another bite, which means my stomach definitely shrank during the fast. The food tasted good, but other than that, I didn't get any kind of binge high off of it, which was really disappointing.

Coming off that lunch I ate, I know I could go out right now and easily handle a 2400 calorie dinner. But I'm not going to. Unless I make a post tomorrow saying that I did. Then I guess I did.

I thought I'd gain more from eating.

I work with statistics so I know really well that these day by day fluctuations are kind of meaningless, and we won't have relevant data until our sample size is up to 30 entries maybe. But it's still fun to look at.

I've no idea what I'll eat tomorrow. Current plan is nothing.

Until tomorrow,


  1. Seriously, you need to eat six small meals a day, combining protein, carb and fat. Eating once a day or not at all is not going to help you lose weight and if you lose any weight it's not going to help you keep it off.

    A plate of food should have about 50% vegetables, 25% protein and 25% grain.

  2. Dude! You need to figure out what you are going to eat! Can I also chime in and say DO NOT eat just one meal a day? Your metabolism will slow right down and your body will start to try to conserve whatever fat it gets. Not creating an efficient machine, to say the least.

    Breakfast is so important- something filling is best. I eat Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. It's yummy and has lots of whole grains, fiber and even some protein. Oatmeal is another great choice. Jazz either up with berries. Mmm!

    Even if you just eat your three meals, watching your portion sizes, of course, you will be so much better off. Keep snacks to healthy foods- fruit, veggies, almonds (go easy, they are high cal!).

    Maybe go shopping and load up with fruit and vegetables and whole grain bread, some low-fat yogurt, lean beef, chicken, turkey. You can buy the pre-cut pre-washed salads and frozen veggies if you are worried about prep time. Choose a nice, low-fat vinaigrette for dressing. Don't buy the junk you binge on. Ban cookies, cake and chips from your house! Don't buy ice-cream! If it's not in your house, you can't eat it.

    Read the labels on the canned goods you buy. Look at calories per serving, and what a serving ACTUALLY IS. Look at the amount of sodium and fat. 2% fat is ideal, but hard to find. Beware the lure of the 100 calorie packs. They are still cookies and chips, and you could still eat 6 bags of them. Best to avoid 'em.

    Switch to at LEAST 1% milk- saves a lot of calories and tastes pretty much the same as regular. Light, low-fat cheeses are out there too! Buy 'em but try to limit portions.

    If you insist on peanut butter or mayo- find low fat versions and GO EASY. 1 or 2 tablespoons tops.

    Don't drink pop or juice. Both have TONS of sugar and calories you don't need. Drink lots of WATER- try for that 8 glasses a day. Diet sodas are better than regular, but still not ideal.

    If you choose to bring only healthy low-fat foods into your house, that is what you will eat!

    Good luck, Eric. I hope you can figure out an eating plan soon.

  3. Listen to Tammy, the girl knows what she's talkin about. your veggies!!! Seriously, I always eat my veggies first, they're a bit more filling, that way when there's food left on the plate it's the higher cal carby type foods.