Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day 13 - The Christmas Dinner

Hello blog.

I ate all kinds of Christmas food. Didn't really eat breakfast or lunch though. I think I was below 3,000 calories.

My workload is going to be very heavy over the next 5 days, so short posts like this might be the norm until then.

I've got nothing to eat at home but noodles and candy, so I'm thinking about running out for chicken.

I've eaten fast food I think twice since I started this blog. I've kept a lot of my bad habits and am still at extremes, but before I started the blog my average number of visits to fast food restaurants in 13 days would have literally been about 60, so I think that's progress of some kind.

I consider these to be pretty mild holiday gains for me. :)

Until tomorrow,

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