Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 14 - The Leftovers

Hello blog.

I ended up taking home enough leftovers for like 2 more dinners, along with some Christmas candy. Had some of that and also went out to El Pollo Loco. Was planning to just get some grilled chicken.

I ate 2 pieces of this. But when I saw they were serving beef for the first time ever, I couldn't resist getting a steak quesadilla, too.

I'd estimate like 2400 calories for the day, but it's difficult to say since the Christmas leftovers were homemade and there's no information on 'em.

By Monday I'll be all out of Christmas leftovers. I'll go from there.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. Navigating through the holidays can be rough, but January is just made for fresh starts and firm resolution.

    Get your second wind and let's get going!